:Critical Incubator:

An incubator for endeavours that aim to help bring about new economic orders.

Over the course of our three month program, five to ten projects that aim to achieve systemic change receive curated attention and resources from our panel of critical thinkers, theorists, economists, software and hardware experts. We help grow projects out of the idea phase and subsequently expose them to our wider community.

We encourage a diversity of economic strategies that together provide an alternative to the hegemony of capitalism. Not through reforms, or a one-off revolution, but by means of what Eugene Holland calls a slow-motion general strike: an emphatic disengagement from the current capitalist system in favor of non-hierarchical, self-organizing alternatives.

Our goal, therefore, is not to foster projects that directly counter the hegemony, but rather those that are entirely non-hegemonic. To paraphrase Holland, these initiatives do not need to be all encompassing, they can be small first steps, as long as their impact is long-lasting and hard to reverse.


We are looking for bold, brave, creative yet achievable initiatives that strive to bring about systemic change.

That includes a wide range of projects, from thought-provoking artworks, to alternative financial models and from cooperatively run factories, to tools for collective decision-making. We welcome projects that aim to instigate change and last until they achieve their goal, as well as those designed to survive the long haul. Our program is especially suitable for projects that hope to grow out of the idea phase.


Event: Transformative Justice

September 9, Embassy San Francisco

Join us for a day of hacking on transformative justice projects. More information to follow soon. Stay tuned!


June 2-3 - Newspeak House, London

Our first weekend-long event to help you build your project! More information and registration here.


Every Sunday - Global

Sundays are for working on the revolution! This is an active working group of the Embassy Network working on postcapitalism projects. We gather on sundays, whereever we are!

Join us remotely, or host your own. More information here.


Would you like to join us as an advisor? Reach us at: hello@criticalincubator.com

Anouk Ruhaak

Data & Engineering

Anouk is a data-journalist and software developer, with a background in social sciences. They recently started Scatterlab, a project aimed at prefiguring collective data governance, to build infrastructures that allow collectives to take back control over their data. Their expertise falls into data analysis, community building, new economic systems & technology. As a founder of the Critical Incubator, Anouk advises on engineering and data.

Eric Wycoff Rogers


Eric is a writer, strategist and designer. Eric’s research focuses on American history—specifically the history of social reform during the Progressive era, and the ways that reform organizations shaped everyday life, from municipal governments to urban layouts, the definition of home and domesticity, leisure, families, cultural constructions of sexuality/desire, financial infrastructures and collectively-held aspirations. Eric joins the Critical Incubator as an advisor on postcapitalist strategies.

Nick Pinkston

Means of production

Nick is a solver of ‘real problems’ and an activist for the future. They are the founder of @Plethora - a rapid manufacturing service. Nick’s mission is to make developing hardware as easy software through better tools. He also organizes the SF Hardware Startup Meetup and is heavily involved in building the hardware movement broadly. Nick joins the Critical Incubator as an advisor on our post capitalist approaches to the means of production.

Zarinah Agnew

Cultural technologies

Zarinah is a neuro-scientist who in addition works on building intentional communities and prefigurative politics. Citizen and nomad of the Embassy Network, where their projects include Alternative Justices, Second Life, The Social Observatory, Haight St Commons and many others. As a founder of critical Incubator, they advise on cultural technologies and social reproduction (not fucking).